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Miami Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Miami, FL

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    It’s obvious to say that foundation problems are very serious, but it’s true. The reason why it’s worth pointing out is that many people ignore the warning signs and hope that the problem will go away. It won’t. Whatever problem you’ve noticed, the best course of action to take is to have it corrected by our professional service as soon as possible. This is the only way to can limit the damage caused, and get everything back to the way that it should be. So, look after your home now by using our service.

    About Us

    We want to make sure that your home is looked after properly. Part of this is ensuring that any foundation problems are effectively corrected and dealt with if they arise. Problems with your foundation can cause serious long term damage to your home. This is why it’s imperative to stay on top of them. You can do that easily with our help. Our service can deal with and correct many of the common problems that all different foundations ca experience. So, if you’ve got a problem, our repair team knows the best way to deal with it.


    We offer an extensive range of foundation repair and related services. Whether you’ve got floor cracks or ceiling cracks, or any other signs of a problem, just call in our repair team and we can get things back to the way they should be in no time. We can employ a wide range of techniques, including house level or slab lifting, to correct the problem that you are faced with. We even offer services like garage foundation repair, basement remodeling, basement waterproofing, sump pump installation and can even help with your drainage needs as well.

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    Piers & Beams

    Piers and beams are one type of foundation that we specialize in repairing. A pier and beam foundation is designed to be elevated off the ground. This can have some advantages but is also means this type of foundation can experience a range of unique problems. This is a challenge that our team is up to. Whether you need to deal with settling problems or fix a sagging floor we’ve got all the expertise that’s needed to effectively tackle the job.

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    Sumps Pumps

    Your basement can be prone to flooding in a number of situations, including during heavy rain. Water in your basement can cause all sorts of issues. It can cause water damage, result in mold growth and even cause damage to your foundation. Installing a sump pump can help to keep water out of your basement, and reduce all of the aforementioned problems. When it comes to drainage, we also offer a range of other options and solutions for around your home. We can install a range of drainage pipes, including a french drain pipe and a corrugated drain pipe

    “There service is not only affordable but also really gets the right result.” Paul. H


    Basements are another part of your home that we specialize in. Looking after your basement is important for many reasons, including for protecting your foundation. We offer a truly comprehensive range of services, designed to help you not only look after your basement, but also ensure that you are making best use of the space. Our service can provide basement remodeling, basement waterproofing and so much more. Whatever work we do, you can be sure that it will last and that the results will be to the quality you expect.

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    Foundation Repair

    Any problems with your foundation can have serious repercussions. As a result, it’s imperative that you have a professional home foundation repair service correct any problems as soon as you notice them. Whether you need help dealing with a sinking foundation or any other problems, our service has what you need. We can employ a wide range of techniques, including foundation leveling or even mudjacking, designed to correct any problems that your foundation is experiencing. We provide reliable results that are sure to last.

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    “They were able to quickly get on top of the problem we had.” Georgina. R

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    Crawl Spaces

    Crawl spaces are yet another type of foundation our team is experienced with. This is why crawl space repair is also part of the service that we offer. Like pier and beam foundations, the elevated design of crawl space foundations mean they can face an array of unique problems and challenges. A common sign of a problem with this type of foundation is sagging floors. Whether you’ve got a sealed crawl space, or any other kind, you can rely on our repair team to effectively correct any problems.

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    Foundational Cracks

    Foundation crack repair is one of the more specialized repair services that we have on offer. Cracks can be caused by all sorts of factors and aren’t always a serious problem. As such, fixing foundation cracks isn’t always necessary, but is something that’s recommended in most case. The biggest problems is that cracks can allow water seep into the concrete more easily, which can cause irreversible damage as a result of the freeze-thaw cycle.

    “There’s no service you can trust more if you need a foundation problems corrected. They offer a truly professional service.” Leslie. N

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    Need a quality “foundation repair near me” service to help address or correct an issue that your foundation is experiencing? Then you need to call us now. Our service offers real expertise when it comes to foundation repair. We can correct many of the common problems that can affect most types of foundations. So, whether you’ve noticed cracks or have a problem with settling or sagging floors, our repair service is the one you should call first.